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How can you support Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center?

We first must recognize that this is not a project, but rather a ministry, which belongs to God. This vision of having such a center was inspired by the daily activities happening within our Diocese. After much prayerful thought and setting out what we are in need of — God revealed this beautiful center. You can support this ministry by praying whole heartedly for it, through which God will move you to offer your valuable time, and your gracious financial support.

Why should you give to Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center?

We read repeatedly in Holy Scripture that we are called to give back our wealth, and time back to God, and yet it is very hard for us to do so. We hesitate to give because it can be very frightening. We depend on our money for security and the thought of giving up a portion of our means of security is not easy. We must remember that our only true source of security is not money — it is God.

All that we have was not taken up on our own accord, rather it was given to us by God. We are called to be good stewards and offer back to Him, the good gifts He has blessed us with in thanksgiving. God has called upon us, and given us the responsibility to support His Bride, the Church, and Her ministries. We are called to ensure that our Church and its ministries are sustained for generations to come.

When we give back to Him “gifts from His own gifts”, with a generous heart, we will be transformed by our offering, and in turn He will do great work with it and bless us through it.

Giving Opportunities — Become a Friend of Holy Transfiguration!

There are multiple financial giving opportunities for this ministry, namely through prayerful one-time donations, monthly donations, or loans. In addition there are several opportunities to commemorate your loved ones in the retreat center such as conference rooms, sleeping rooms and commemorative pictures of your loved ones.

As our Lord has blessed you richly, we pray that you will continue to share the blessings you have received for the building up of Christ’s Holy Church. Holy Scripture reminds us “God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). We pray that the Holy Spirit will inspire you to cheerfully give towards Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center.

May our Lord see your faith and love in action, as you support this ministry. May God reward you for your generosity, with His abundant grace and bounties!

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